Digital Printing

Digital Printing can deliver labels and packaging with highly refined printing and variable data in economically smaller order quantities than conventional printing methods. When quantities are limited and customization is a top priority our digital labels will shine above the rest.

Rotary Letterpress

The Letterpress process has been the cornerstone of the highest quality reproduction in the printing industry for over 100 years. This premiere printing process is used for medium to long print run requirements and it produces excellent vignettes and up to 12 high quality and vibrant colors.


Flexography is a relief process similar to rotary letterpress. Recent improvements in the flexographic process have raised the print quality to nearly the same level as rotary letterpress printing, while producing the labels at higher speeds. Flexography is a printing option for medium to long runs.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping applies metallic or pigmented foil through the use of a heated die onto foil to create labels that capture the attention of consumers. Today, Janco Press continues to lead the way with new developments and refinements to the art of hot stamping.


When embossing, an impression is created to raise the surfaces and add a new dimension to the object, making it more attractive than it originally was. Janco Press utilizes embossing techniques to add elegance and style to clients’ products

Rotary Silk Screen

The UV Rotary Screen process is fast and efficient. This process is the perfect solution for labels that require a special look or feel. It is used specifically for printing on clear substrates when there is a desire for a high level of opacity.